I worked REAL hard...... my experience

I have grinded like a monkey for peanuts in the campaign for two solid weeks. I have advanced 3 levels. I had a few legendaries that I actually upgraded to myth. I brought all my other items ( modules, drone, hook, etc) up to legendary but do not have enough legendaries to transform any more to mythical.My mech has almost 1700 hp. I am currently ranked in the top 70. I even PAID to fuse about 1000 items( with 7300 left to fuse)

The gap between the top players and me is a MILE WIDE. Some I laugh and joke about them getting free gold and the others I just quit. Regardless of how the attained the items they have to transform their machines to almost all mythical is not my concern. I was told with a little hard work and luck I could be a top player again( after starting over). I was told that this update will help narrow the gap between payers and grinders. After two weeks of maximum effort to go from level 103 to 106 (I estimate about 1.5 million exp points) I find the statements made by the game reps to be simply untrue. Risings 1100 match win streak is testament to the fact that the gap has grown wider. I am staring down the barrel of 7000 items to fuse before I get any earned ones in Battle or boxes. All of my issues it seems could disappear if I pull out my credit card. I did my time. I payed my money. This update is there for tacticsoft to be judged by the players and gaming community as a whole. Arthur Fonzareli and I have the same opinion of the update and my experience to date


Correction about 800000 exp points not over a million. My bad . Of all the boxes I farmed I got two legendaries.

Oh no, you fell for the trap.



No he heard Trap-Music… :frowning:

No fonzi love? ???


i told you to check my review about the grinding times and the rewards you get.
To get back to top, you need close to 1000h of grind, or 300-500 dollars.
Other then that, you are still The Man, but Fonzy is the legend.

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I grind big boy easy. Got me a pile of doo

Boost and transformation costs have to come down. Period. There’s no two ways about it, they’re exorbitant and the reality is going to hit home soon. When the novelty value of the update wears off and people are left thinking, wtf did I spend so much time and money on this game to get nowhere?

P.S. It’s already happening.


I don’t have the legendaries to transform to all myth. I cannot farm any. I will not pay for any after … You know…, so I guess I just top out with a top 60 or 70 mech. This is completely great. I hated being a top player with an account full of fuse able items. I didn’t know I wanted to be far less competitive … Thanks sm rebroken

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btw did some1 got a legendary in the big boy mission? i heard some players got items like the terror blade from big boy

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I heard that too but so far I have only received EPIC items.

lmao 2800 inventory items and still growing I guess I will be stuck with everything going into unclaimed soon.

So far I’ve only come across two boxes that had a single legendary within them grinding ‘BIGBOY’.


ive gotten 2 legendaries from big boy so far, legs and a heat mod

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I still have myths to fuse, but only less than 400. I have managed to have a full mech and maybe I can reach to raise 2 more items.

And then? I dont know. Then you have to collect millions of coins, not only to pay the costs of fusion, but to open boxes and get many items … many … many more than the legacy ítems.

One thing is certain, this game does not walk without money. Don´t fool yourself, if you dont buy tokens do not advance. And although you can play for fun,but inb´t very fun to lose too much.

It´s no longer a game of strategy, but of force. Its practically just standing in front of the opponent and shoot, you dont need to reason much and to be a good player to win.

Someone in this forum defined it very well. said … this game has always been fun if you have a credit card.

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Your comment about no strategy is true especially with these players that got a hold of mommy’s credit card and built 3000 HP bots with 500 HEAT - 500 ELE and minimum 300-800 HP weapons including drone, grappling hook each having those same super high HP.
Then 50 resist across all 3 categories.

Several of those I went up against the day of the dam update which I find strange.

I’ve never used a credit card for any game on the web and never will including this one. If the game doesn’t have a time/work based system AKA click ads etc to get Tokens like the ones used here, but must use money as the only way to progress I won’t even bother with it.
Sure it takes longer to get what you need but you have to work for it or it isn’t worthy of my time.

It is disappointing the path Supermechs has taken but it is salvageable, click tokens are the way or stick with what you have and hope for the best.

I know I will be stuck with the unclaimed boxes category for some time beings I still have 2800 items left in inventory. Hopefully they will do the usual Holiday sale so I can try to get some more good Legendary items to build up using the left over Legacy items before the limit time runs out. Which blows my mind how they think we can do all these upgrade transform modification for 3 bots with 120 slots while raising gold to do them.


Today I was not surprised when the campaign gives out only 1 item where it was previously 2. I did notice the boxes were 75 tokens instead of 150. I am absolutely sure it is some kind of error and in NO way is to encourage spending . I was told with a lot to f hard work and a little luck I could be a top player again and beat Rising even though the past 1200 players haven’t been able to.

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Dude! Why are you complaining? Boxes are half price now! That’s an amazing 50% discount!!!

shhhhhh…go quietly now…shhh…forget about the missing item…it was always one item per box…

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Thrust me, it’s not easy to get legendary from olerlord’s den, but not insane

Erm, that pic was taken 8 days ago…as of today (edit) BIG boy only drops 1 item…

Anyways, I’ve “grinded” (ground?) the campaign harder than a meth addict’s teeth and never seen a legendary drop, so my experience’s been different…

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the truth. I’ve fused all of my old myth items and got one decent mech. But i cant play 2vs2 or 3vs3 because I’ll never collect legendary items needed for new transformations.