I won twice from the same 1v1

So I was just going about my day in the arena to complete my 3 daily wins mission and I won a match, so as usual the little pop-up comes out that says ‘1/3 battles won’. I also got a box from the victory, but at the time my inventory was full so when i tried to open it I had to put it in ‘unclaimed boxes’ tab.

So far nothing unusual but when I clicked the button that says ‘move to unclamied boxes’ or something, the pop-up came up saying ‘2/3 battles won’.

So somehow (I’m guessing it’s cause’ my inventory is full and I got a box) I won TWICE from THE SAME 1V1.

It was against 58 These are NOT 2 separate battles.

I want him to take a screenshot of the fight ‘vs Germankid17’ (if he has a forum account) and reply with the screenshot just to know if he also experienced this double up when he lost.