I wish matchmaking was a bit faster


I don’t want to seal club weaker players but I also don’t want to sit 15 min for a 1v1 match.
The way matchmaking is now is kind of silly people are still complaining they are getting people that are too strong for them and top 25 players have to wait forever to get a match.
I don’t know how to solve this, but I have some observations. The game has lost players but the main reason the top 10 players are getting 50 or 60 fights a week is because they give up on matchmaking. Time will fix this but god only knows how long that will take.
This is a real problem that kills the game for me… With no solution I can think of…
So I guess this is a rant…
Thanks for listening guys.


Try playing with weaker non full myth mech and go down the ranking


Are you serious? So strong players should just give up on being a top player and be mediocre to play the game… FFS
Even if i wanted to, to make a weak mech I would have to feed my strong ones to it because of the inventory limits…


the worst thing is when they give the weekly bonus I came across two times with full mythic and better fight after two days so you do not see people so strong


Damn… Chill out it’s just a game


Sorry didn’t realize I was not “chilled out”…
Your idea was a great one sorry if I said it wasn’t “make a crap mech so you lose and get matches easier” But it does not solve the topic of top players not getting matches…


Maybe make some tournament with other tops and fight in this time?


That is a good idea I suggested it before. The problem is the numbers there are very few super strong players, that is the problem matchmaking is having now.


Sadly I think it will just be time until this problem sorts itself out. rank 5 upwards tend to have a few mythical items, hopefully theyll get fully myth mechs soon.


I have thought maybe adding in AIs for when the servers don’t have matches. Maybe not have them count to win loss but at least people could still grind PVP for rewards. But give real players priority over the AIs in matchmaking.


This I totally agree with. Gone have the days where people were grinding 1000+ games in 1 week.


There is a problem about matchmaking :question:

(I said there will be one, right at the moment when they started to reset/lower the ranks every start of the weekly tournament again (!), we had exactly the same problem in the past - around 3 years back)

No no see … no problem …

After waiting 17 minutes (!) for a match / fight …

Nr 34 vs Nr 4880

Game is dieing …

  • to expensive (what you get for your real money)

  • to less possibilities to get best items without paying real money (f2p)

  • to less possibilities to get best items with paying real money (!)

  • to much cheating

  • to less communication with us players via forum / pm / support

… at that moment devs will start listen to us, who know this game very well since years (!), the game will be dead :exclamation:
(because it is to late then)



Game is dieing …

A part of me tries to say that it is a combat from chat and another part of me says that it can be real


If they remove desktop version hacking will stop.


Also they will lose around half of their players I only play on laptop and I am sure I am not alone.
Also my topic is not about hacking…


Like me! I’ve soon have a full-myth-maxed physical mech :smiley:


Even you get match ppl will quit match u have op mech. Untill devs dont remove quit button.


I often don’t have the patience to wait for the match, please fix it!!!


If devs make rare items drop rate good players will reach top 5 much quicker. matchmaking will be quicker too.


Actually now since i’m almost always matched with super powered players quitters don’t happen very much now. But finding a match takes forever. I agree if they made people get stronger items this would fix it faster. I have said they need to fix BB to drop like he did when the update happened, they need to make epic plate go to legendary, they need to let ppl get stronger faster.

The only time i get matched with weaker players now is the first day or so of the reset once i’m full star rank 1 it doesn’t happen much. It takes me a day or two to get all the stars in rank 1.