I was laughing so much at this guys

i was playing some arena battles then comed a guy being toxic and i was laughing because he was so gross he was saying that “go play minecraft you dumb shit” in portugese of brazil and im a brazilian so i understanded what he was talking

replay code:7E2BA


Better: 7D40C

Replays don’t even show the messages.
Or did they secretly update it without me knowing?

wut just happened u give up

no, still no messages on replay

Well they should add it so, ya know. Maybe peeps would be less toxic if they knew it was going to embarrass themselves.

He says that as if Minecraft is a game for kids.
It’s a game for all ages. Theres nothing wrong with it.

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i legit like minecraft


as the most popular brazilian player i’m here to say brazilians are the pure slag of sm, just like in other games

keeping in mind that i did and regret letting everyone know i’m from this disgusting country (i even used to have a vpn in the past for playing)

countless times seeing brazilians in the chat insulting people for absolute no reason but getting beaten. callin people ‘cheater’ because they just can’t handle being trash. of course i’m not talking about all the brazilians, but the truth has to be said.


don’t you think you should upgrade your nationalism and local patriotism a little bit?..:grin:

i,ve visited brasil (minas gerais), and i have brasilian friends, it is really a great country and nice people…

ofc that’s a tourist spot, you’re supposed to like anyway.

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im going to get banned for reviving crap. MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa
lol i am a hoiyahh

How ugly to deny so much of his own land! Brazil is a magnificent country and its people are magnificent too.

My mom was Brazilian and I lived 4 years in Brazil.

It´s a country of contrasts, where, as in many countries in South America there are the very rich and the very poor. But Brazil has all the potential to transform.

I love Brazilians, as I also love my Argentine brothers.


I love Brazilian food, and I’ve always wanted to go there for the fun of it

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i love the food from puerto rico. especially this purple restaurant that serves the best (and only ones i’ve had) fish chimichangas


I was never in Puerto Rico …Abyway I’m a vegetarian, so I pass of chimichangas … (but something good vegetarian must have)

lol, my mom makes the best food, and a lot of it is vegetarian. her blackberry bread things are the best

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Vegetarian??? @Wepwawet, then I must say.
Quit eating my foods food


stop eating pasto :slight_smile:

hahaha !! You have no idea how well I eat and I´m also of good food, that is, I don´t use a normal dish, my dish is double sized … and I like well prepared meals. I am a very good chef, I don’t buy anything done, do everything.


im just kidding, my moms bf is vegetarian and we usually dont eat meat

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