I wanted to have a general sci fi thread so here we go

post whater crap u want, this will be spam thread. i ask that it is either halo based, destiny based, or star wars based.

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There are already general threads.

:musical_note::musical_note:DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUK :musical_note::musical_note:

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moved to spam like you asked

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Just why

I dont like Hale Or Destiny, I dont hate Starwars but i dont go ut of my way about it,
the most i know about it is Lego Starwars,

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I talk to homeless people.

Sometimes I buy beer and cigs and share it with them. It’s fascinating. Like an case study. They have so much more to say than the soulless unthinking people I interact with daily on a college campus.

They have stories to tell, they have takes on life that can only come from the tortured wisdom of homelessness.

Most people don’t have even give them a friendly hello and a smile. They glance. And then they look away immediately. What does that do to a person? How does that make them feel? Imagine watching a thousand people pass you every day and not one of them gives you so much as a hello.

So I share a beer with them, I have a smoke. It’s a better charity then 2 ducking quarters in their hat.

But honestly. It’s not charity. I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life with homeless people. They are more human than the commodified consumer units you see on the streets everyday. Always walking. Always going nowhere. On to the next thing then the next thing then the next thing. Scurrying like ants. Never taking the time to actually live.


Yes I know that.
there are many homeless people and refugees in my district.

I sometimes give them some change from my little money.

okay so today i went to see this topic and i was like ok
pretty cool story

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i didnt want it to be spam…

what the actual cinnamon toast ■■■■ is this

that is all.

i salute you

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For once I really just want a real general chat, but there are none. :expressionless:

the devs need to make a chat system.

MAD RESPECT,fucking Misfit.
That’s such a metal thing to do!

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the world needs more people like you. holy shit thats wholesome.

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We donate our time to a shelter near us . The homeless are too many and often forgotten.

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