I want to know exactly why the shop was removed


#I want to know exactly what happened to the shop and why it was removed.
Add it back now. It may have been “confusing” for new players, but just completely removing it is worse. Why not make the shop have a level requirement like level 10 or something when players have a better understanding of the game? Now I can’t get any more light teleports or charges and on my lower level account, I can’t seem to get my hands on a single charge module from the boxes and I’ve opened TONS. Well, whatever. Just add back the shop. Or give an actual GOOD reason that it was removed.
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The issue about the removal of the shop has been like 5 months :confused:


Shop has been removed because its too comfusing for new players - TacticSoft


I could help you in that[quote=“TheWindWeaver, post:3, topic:2892”]
Shop has been removed because its too comfusing for new players

What a Joke



Which is more confusing?

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It took me a while to even know what “not in inventory” meant.


this post is a joke right? :rabbit2:

the old shop was removed, because people like you posted and screamed lot of times=
“we cant get legendary weapons” “items are soo expensive” “we want a change”.

so, the developers trying to be good take out the “expensive” shop and bring us the treasure shop.
thats the simple answer.

the nerdy answer is: the oldshop is not compatible with the new version of the game, and the new inventory system.


When was the shop ever expensive?
Also, there was a legendary shop that sold 2 legendaries for (usually the Galaxus Model C and electric Shotgun X) like 100 tokens.


remember legendary items wasnt sold for tokens, only can be get on chest (or when i started on october 2016 you cant buy legendary) and in that time was hard get SM, if you dont trust (people is doing that so often today) go to the old forum, there is the story of the oldshop and his sad death…


Yeah, legenndaries were sold with tokens. It was with the old special boxes screen.[quote=“Namy, post:9, topic:2892”]
or when i started on october 2016

October 2016???
I started in… I can’t remember actually… probably in 2015 when the legendary shop actually existed.


see, your old shop and my old shop are not the same oldshop :rabbit:
the game has lot of old shops…


There’s only 2 old shops. The old, old legendary shop that was removed way back and the old shop that was removed a few months ago.

P.S. The old legendary shop stayed with the normal shop until the interface update on the Kongregate edition. (You can still see it in SSundee’s video)


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Wait a minute… which shop is that? That one looks completely different than the old shop that I was used to.


its the old shop of what i talk you…


Uhh wat


Well, my old shop was completely different… everything was just in one big group instead of being in categories and, just the interface in general looked different.


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Please let’s just play.


I don’t remember people posting something like these. The Old Shop was a gem that all players loved. You can buy lower level shields (since you know? No shields are usable beyond 25%), 1 kg teleport marks, bullies, rail guns which are surprisingly useful.

Though the developers claim that it’s too confusing (though I never heard of newbies complaining about the shop being “confusing”).Though wherever they got these reports, fixing it by removing the shop just made things go downhill. Newbies now has a lower chance of obtaining one of the most valuable items in the game - Teleport Mark I.

Seriously though, spamming like what? 500k credits on boxes for one missing item just couldn’t be anymore stupid. We still need appropriate answers to why they’ve removed the shop.