I want to be in a good clan, so in the top 6, I can win 300 matches in 1vs1, 200 in 2vs2, 100 in 3vs3 with ranks 1, 2, 3


Nice Mechs Man DM any Top clan Leaders :slight_smile:

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Bound to Black has 2 openings at the moment, I think one is taken. We are 80% r5+, I can’t remember what we are ranked at. I think we’re at least within the top 30. Most of us are on the forum. We’d love to have you! PM myself so we can figure out how to get you in.


Bound to Black is typically in the top 15 clans


Having 6k tokens and using Frantics.


Hi @Huantran :exclamation:

What is your in game name :question:


P.S.: if you dont know, I am from HardToKill :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Huantran, if you read this, bestplayerintheworld is a bit of a legend.


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You still need a clan. Join Bound To Black. We don’t expect much, yet just participate in clan activities. This clan, BTB, take the pressure off of playing serious in SM.

We do clan wars, and titan. Just search Bound To Black, and join us. We get to rank 15.


@flecen come see this


join our clan

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my name in the game is Hauer Horatio, I’m glad you saw, are you a hardtokill clan leader?

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Thank you for your interest


I’m glad you care, I saw your clan

oh IT’S a good clan, thank you for your interest

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also i youtuber .-. if it’s important to you
clan kills titans 7 stars well from bugs went down on 5 we win the majority of the warrior + we do 3 vs 3 1000+
2 vs 2 2000+
1 vs 1 5000+


I spoke with Hauer Horatio before in PM.
He looks like a strong player.
BUT this account was stolen from another person. Therefore, I can’t accept him at INMAX.
If HTK or another clan doesn’t care about this fact, then I wish them good luck!

Please refrein to mention our clan every sentence you write, especially when its to mention something possibly negative.



I mentioned HTK because it is strong clan that answered in this thread.

When and where did I say anything negative about HTK?

Thank you, do you allow me to join your clan to make it stronger?