I want my dang gold


If I click the battle button and i get easy player and they quit…

I get no gold :frowning:

WTF I want that gold…i pushed the button and did my part.

We need someway to punish them or just a way i still get my gold.

Maybe a combination of both punish them and give me the gold.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Just remove the gold to upgrade and i’m fine…


It warns us if we quit we get no gold so why shouldn’t we get paid when they wuss out. They are the cowards why should we be forced to forfeit too.
As a penalty take the gold from them and give it to the other player so they’ll learn not to pull that crap.


Maybe the gold is in the trash can you suggested.



Altho i dont agree that you get no gold when other player forfeits, i think thw problems is with all the seal clubbing that happens right now.
The unbalance of streght in mech builds is huge.
A legendary mech has no chance against a myth one. The problems is that you end up against very underpowered oponents. The matchmaking sidtem needs to be revised, so that top players fight top players( myth vs myth), because atm there is no fair play in mayches. And if it remains like this will only discourage players from pvp.
Sure make a matchmaking sistem that counts the strengh of the build and faces him against equal oponent, and thus you would not have so many forfeits. I can understand a player that looks at your 2000+hp, 61 res mech and says “fack this…im out of here, what a scam”… and quits. You should get some gold, but not a full win since you just scared him without playing. This also should discourage seal clubbing… aka beating players in 2 moves.


Im just looking for my gold…i dont care if it comes my clubbing seals :slight_smile:


Alexander said we have that by next week before the time ends :slight_smile:


No he did not. Alexander doesn’t even work on SM anymore!


Lol seriously?:confused:


Nonononono, quiters mustnt be punished, they quit bc they feel of losing their time, also they may have a reason to quit (PC was turned off or so) Very BAD idea!


And yes, i also dont agree that when oppenets quit we get no gold, we actually get the same gold of an battle we lose, when the enemy quit it’s a win and we should be awarded with the win prizes. Well i had 10+winstreak so when 3 players quited ina raw i got 5.800 gold to each one but still…


Maintenance? now they are may fixing the ranking list nonsense


naahh most likely adding more popups in game letting us know we or our opponent overheated or is to tired to continue a match etc… :astonished:

Instead of fixing the PvP opponent comparison algorithm so we can fight equals not OP upper class 31337 bots that have 2000+ HP more than the rest of us including the OP weapons to go with it.


And NOPE, they didnt fix the rankings :confused:


Which part you speaking of being nonsense?


That we would have to fight against the 2000+hp top players, how is this be supposed to happen?


haha NOT nonsense, I’ve gone up against them many times.
their bot had 3000 HP + 500 HEAT + 490 ELECTRIC + 48 to 51 resistance across 3 categories and that was just the Torso
then get hit by either machine guns with 1 or 2 400 HP kill shots then maybe a death punch of 500 to 800 HP kill shot.
Hell not to mention a 300 HP claw and or a 300 to 350 HP Drone which they usually don’t use unless they let that do the fighting and nothing else.

Basically many of them got a hold of Mommy’s credit card and bought as many boxes as they could…


And what has this to do with the mentainance of some mins before?


You should read closer at what I said earlier.
They are messing around with foolish things instead of more important things like
"fixing the PvP opponent comparison algorithm so we can fight equals not OP upper class 31337 bots that have 2000+ HP more than the rest of us including the OP weapons to go with it."


That’s good for us then, but rankings for example 10 wins 0 losses it shows 10 wins 10 losses (+10) should be fixed bc i am worried if break patriot or other clans like that win unfairly again!