I ve quitted...Its done!

Thanks to all players especially:

I dont want to make a list and forget someone the most important thing is what we have laugh about, the good struggles and fights we have done…

Take care all
Ps: you can still reach me by Pm in forum. But you need 335 tokens and enable the base…lol


bye n welcome back :slight_smile:


Wish you the best @Urbu :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Urbu was Urbu
Urbu is Urbu
Urbu will always be Urbu



Goodbye and good luck friend

you were always one of the good ones!

your builds were creative and genius.

your arena and forum behaviour were a shining example.

you will be missed friend!

I’m staying to watch the sink ship. to watch Rome burn to the ground.

but I salute you and wish you best of luck in quitting.

god’s speed Urbu!


May have you served well for defeating counters as hybird users mate.


May you be finding a better game with your spectacular tactics will be brought to full use .

bonne chance à vous et à très bientôt j’espère dans le futur


goodbye my friend urbu… I wish you good luck

you’re lucky get out of hell game


My dear jurume, im proud and honoured that you spend your last days on sm in our small clan. It really saddens me to see you go even though i know it is the right thing. I wish u all the best with your music and family and Life goals…stay as you are cause you are great.
And be sure there will be always a place with us when u may want to play again.
Cheers to the great urbu…urbulicious urbumania


Delta Force do you copy ?
We got a man down
I say Again man down
Get the rescue Helicopters
Umm Alpha team , negative negative , can’t send a Rescue helicopter , We got a man down too
Looks like We got another Honored Sacrifice , May god have mercy on his soul , Salute
Take Care…


Sad thing, one veteran down! Hopeless for this game! Idk how long my place would be dismisshed. I was trying to free my self but yeah, i have been ended with empty wallet


Do it well Urbu.
There are certainly other nice things that are more important.

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Good luck. I was curious to see some of your builds as I am fairly new and get to arena 4 every week
Could u send me some pics please or on this thread. Thanks on advance

Farewell Urbu!

I’ll miss our battles.

Bon vent l’artiste.


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Urbu is Urbu :frowning:

Come back and see us :slight_smile:


The best compliment I can give you is that I absolutely HATED running into you :).

It usually meant a loss and I really want to build a “yeet” mech now.

Tbh its hard to control one

You have little stats to get off with (200 cooling, 200 regen and so)

Unless you do it right, then ok

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I don’t think we ever talked or chatted or even fought before but… Saying goodbye is not the hard part, the hard part is saying it and knowing that you will never see that person again so… GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK!!!

Another good person left, good luck to him.
This is an occasion to pay attention on this fact, TS, that even veteran players leave from what you guys created.
Of course my opinion is my opinion, but players won’t stop leave.
Well, GG.