I Tried To Draw My Mech

A few years ago, I used to be the best at drawing. I drew just about anything, especially vehicles. I’m very out of practice now. So when I tried to draw my current mech, it was sure to be bad. What made it worse was that I didn’t have my laptop, so I couldn’t copy my mech. I had to remember it instead. This lead to problems. My drone looked more like a coke can with fins rather than a heatpoint. My burning shower looked more like vertical red rain. And I forgot what some bits of rolling beasts looked like. Well, here is my bad drawing.

And here is the real thing.
Yeah, I could do much better. If you want to say anything to teach me, go ahead. What would you rate my bad drawing?

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  • The Best???

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be honest, people

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its better than me drawing at 5am


Heh, not that good, sure, but it has some potential…^^
Personnally, I’m the complete opposite of you: I can’t draw by following a model…

Also, what I usually do when I get an idea of drawing is imaginating the drawing in 3D, beforehand…
Kinda like video games’ 3D models…
And then, I imagine that I move the point of view around them, so that I get a clear idea of what is where, and then only I choose a specific point of view to draw (and since I know the exact spacial place of things in the drawing, I usually don’t have perspective problems ^^)

I say that because the persepective problem near the torso-legs jonction is hurting my eyes ^^

I won’t give you all my drawing tricks because it would takes some time, space, and for some, I couldn’t explain, I simply do them naturally…

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Lol, no one has voted the worst. Yet.

That’s good… Better than what I can draw.

It’s bad… and you’ll need A LOT of practice, seriously i’m a artist

i know what it takes… practice is the only way to improvement, it takes time but… nothing will last long without effort.


Weird flex but okay.


Reminds me, you’ve been drawing for how many eons ?
And Destruction, when did he started drawing ?

Because what you said is a bit rude and egocentric/egoist/selfish/whatever_you_want_that_is_close_enough_in_meaning if you spend your whole life drawing as job and passion, while he only started one or two years ago…
(I know, I exagerate, but my point still stand)

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I began drawing seriously when I was about 9. But when I was 10, I gave up completely. And now I just drew my first picture in 4 years. Those old pictures bring back so many memories…


Selfish you say?
Nah! i’m convinced of my skill as an artist, it’s NOT easy and it demands a lot of practice. And know what… my level is still low and shitty.
Since i was 8 i started drawing, never had too much time for it… school and friends and kid stuff hindered my evolution.
Nowadays i try my best to learn AND to always improve.
ALSO :slight_smile: nothing i said was rude in my opinion… people must fail… they fotta learn from their mistakes… so by that they can grow strong ( mind as well ) to not be soy lords nor crybabies.
My life is dedicated to unleashing the salt… so that the weak minded people can have a chance to learn HOW to grow.

text wall… yep

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That drawing i made… 2 to 3 days to finnish…
Yes… procastination is worse than cancer.

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I’a artist so I’m fine