I Think This Topic Is Useless


I think this topic are useless many people not declaring war here, many alliance just Doing force attack without declaring war first


In a sense, true. Not many want to give up their element of surprise by declaring before they start a war. However, this topic can still no doubtly be used to discuss what’s happening in a world. It’s very fun to see people write up their side of the story on the current events that have taken place, as well as post screenshots of battles, etc.


That does make me wonder, when Michael (I guess?) originally conceived of this forum section, did he really expect people to declare their wars on here beforehand? The element of surprise is such a powerful ally to have, I don’t think people EVER declared war on the forums much.


Hey we are going to declare war on you at tick 850 in Africa, please prepare :):slight_smile:


I used to use this section back in the day to rally for allies AFTER getting stabbed. Would post with circumstances of what happened and often found many would see similar scenarios beginning to play out for their team with the said backstabbers. This would often lead to much of the world coming together to take out the backstabbing team. Which also used to help deterrent backstabs back in the day as being labelled a backstabber on the forums often affected your chances to find good teams.


That’s actually exactly what did happen in he past, backstabs were announced post-stab but regular wars were also declared quite commonly.

The community used to be a little more close-knit, people would frequently gang up on backstabbers, or defend an “innocent” team. There also used to be a forum section purely for the newspaper different players made…

Skype ended a lot of that, bringing most of the dealings to the backroom and putting a lot less emphasis on PR and perception, I don’t think that will change, but at least we can discuss wars etc again. :slight_smile:


Yeah that just reminded me of when I first played a couple years ago I saw the ‘CNN’ reporter person on the broadcasts in my era talking about the big affairs happening :stuck_out_tongue: it was actually quite fun to read about. Now its all just JW and no news though


I wish the NEWS team who used to play 2-3 years back is back…they used to do an Awesome Job and never missed a day…