I think this idea I made it up

My last forum

Legs with 500+ HP. Thanks for adding it. I wish I can get it when the event starts. XD


Did you suggest creating these legs?)

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I made a forum before state it has 500+ HP legs and 100+ torsos.

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i created platinum plate


This forum

Legs below

your leg doesn’t break resistance and we don’t know for sure if that’s the final stats

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Cool but I didn’t get it before.:disappointed_relieved:

Oh about the resistance but the HP is 500+ and damage is over 250

I do not believe-_-
Do you have a proof?

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and you threw them the art of the proposed legs?

I am bad in drawing so I didn’t draw it but I wrote the stats

obviously a lie

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you are my hero

Can you make a stats for my proposed torso?)


I can throw you a picture right here and you will indicate all the parameters of the torso in response. ok?)

I will try to give the stats

Legs usually have 200+ damage and a lot of HP. They probably didn’t got it from you.


so far it is only in two rarities, today I will finish the mythical version and give you its image

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I think I saw it before in a topic