I think my luck is back


boi the premium packs are thicc and full of legendaries… Evan pulled one and got a crippling torso


we should take this to pms


Anyway’s my point of that is back in the day sm wasn’t such a cash grab and random


i have to go rip bye


oh ok


But the difference today is sm will do anything to make money


Including putting random chance loot box’s that most people buy with money :3


Take this to a pm you guys are messing up the thread at least I think so


Yeah I know, I am not going to say anything more


Two are Evolve food and one is barely useful


Does desert fury at myth look like this


You luck is not back…you never had any and you never will…

JK, sorry


Yayyy, so with circa 300 tokens you landed 3 useless legendaries? I will tell you a secret, broh, with 400 tokens I landed 10 usefull legendaries in the last item portal. 11 good legendaries with the flaming hammer portal for 450 tokens. Do you still feel that lucky? Save the tokens for refills during item portals. This is the best idea now. Also read @HappyPoppers post:
Dissatisfied Customer


Chromium is sh*t, Vandal and Desert are fairly good if you know how to use them.


One thing I don’t want the chromium thing it pisses me off