I think my luck is back

But those weapons aren’t extremely useful though…

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I know I usually get epics just happy for my self I only like the desert fury for my phy build

Oh, ok, but why not spend tokens on item portals?

Yah the thing about that is I don’t get the item that the portal has so which mean I never get legendary items that are good from the portal

And what might that be :3

Like the claw that shock wave drone I think that’s what it’s called

How many different portal have you tried out? Sometimes I get not so good drop rates, but then the next portal, I get many premiums that I wanted.

All of them I have done with 4 refuels and nothing the depressing thing is no bunker shell yet

Oh, well then I don’t know what else to say except that you are very unlucky.


True that’s why I relay on mother boxes

If your luck is back, were you have better luck before?

want to know what i consider lucky



Why is that lucky?

For one that hammer took 4 year’s to get ahold of

so that’s lucky to me :frowning:

That seems normal to me, but as long as you’re happy…

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r u on night now