I think I've reached the end of the "fun" part of this game

Yes but I think it is more fun and fair the rest of the player base. 1%<99% The way Tactic soft is going the only people left to play are going to be just the 1%. The current system in place does not allow for anyone who has not paid for tokens to win… Trust me, They are not gonna catch up. For 5 years, THE SAME 3 top clan were in top! They only ever changed when leaders themselves got bored of the game cause of the way the system is.


So basicly what you are saying is that once a player becomes strong in the game they should be made to quit because it is more fair to the other people who do not want to spend money or time in the game… So basicly the top 10 mechs of the game quit… So when does that stop? There will always be someone stronger than you.

No you misunderstood. I am saying WHEN YOU are at the top, You have noone else who can compete with you. No one else is gonna progress or get stronger. What makes you quit, is that there is noone left to play that makes you think anymore. I’ve done this for 4 year… You are gonna just mindless press button without thinking cause your mech is too strong and noone can compete. BOREDOM is what eventually causes you to quit. ALL top players from before this economy update quit because they knew right away there was no way to progress in the game unless you put in $$$. So sure you are the top player in this iteration but you going to quickly stumble upon what we all went through in the previous iteration of the game. Quickly realize what is killing this game.


I alredy know what is killing the game. I have complained about matchmaking for a long time. But the problem is there is no way to fix it. You keep talking about the problem what is the solution? Almost everyone spends money on this game $5 here $5 there or they are serious and spend 100s. The only way to fix the game is to stop spending money and that will fix it by making tacticsoft close the doors. After making ridiculous offers in a cash grab.

If you did not own 3 fully fused godmodes or a regenerating diamond etc. you really had no chance to be a top player. You guys act like the game was so balanced before the update but if you did not have 3 fully fused godmodes you really had no chance at the top scores.

This is what is happening right now. No way to compete unless you have FULLY-FUSED (Token box only mythical)

You are again misunderstanding… The only difference is, you have all these items now. I’m saying we have to have multiple leagues like old old supermechs. This is to allow new player to get rewards for items like in past.<<
This system is how players like Bestplayerintheworld progress to be very powerful.

This force you to abandon your fully fused mech and STRATEGIZE with lower parts. Now I think the idea of leveled parts was a bad idea so I instead suggest separation by how much level you own.

150-125 Mythical tier 125-75 Legendary and 75-25 Epic and so forth. If you play matches vs someone in same level range you get matchmaking points, vs someone lower tier you get no points (however if you lose, you lose points).

Wrong, godmode wasn’t the best torso.
Lavascope was, and in the last months of the game, with the 8 mudule configuration the game was more balanced then befor. You could see the comeback of old forgotten torsos, even Ultraspade was competitive.
Reiko knows the game inside out, and so fo most of the old players, we know how it works, how much money is needed, even how hiden stats aply.
The game as it is is plain idiotproof… you dont have to think one bit. You just push buttons… starting position is what determins the win… or the number of myth hp plates you have… its a game of numbers… highest win evry time.And you pay to have the highest… where is thr fun? You basicly buy the wins… just that.

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And I agree with that but the problem is right now there are not enough strong players to make the top league. Like I said out of the top 100 ppl in the game only 15 or so have fully fused mechs… And cash players will dominate every league still they just have to spend less money. And if you say well make a F2P server then I say what makes you P2P if you spend $ 5 are you Pay to play what is the cut off for it?

And you got all your stuff for free right?

yeah, it was back in the old version, the legacy one…there was this one time offer … put 3600 dollars…and you get top 10 guarantee…come on i think you figured it out how it works by now, you’re a smart girl :wink:

How many Ultraspades were in the top 3?

well it was me, Jaska, 907, ***ster, kevin 25, a few others…they were quite a few of them.

The top 3 were always mains as god modes unless someone was playing with torsos then you would see some random torsos in the lineup but they were not main mecha.

And as a 2nd question how many were not fully fused?

In this thread you have people complaining that someone had a mythic item vs they’re all epic mech… FFS you know as well as I do all the top players stuff was fully fused…

If you read my suggestion carefully I suggest separation by level not by $$$. This is also to protect old players from people who decide to spend money at low rank to win game. There has to be some degree of progression to play in competitive higher levels.

ask around, and you will see, i used 3 sets of 3 mechs:
1st lineup : 2x lavascope, with phis build, of legendary shotgun, 2x mark 2 breackers, and phis nova. Godmode with shreders mark 2, and rear hit.
2nd linup : 2 x ultraspade, with flame hammer, 2 flames. Godmode with swarmers.
3rd linup : 2 x helfire, with rearhit,firewall, breackers, gladius(or yellow beam). Helfire with nova instead of rear hit.
Then the ultracooling module apear, and that changed the game way to much, made the Dymonds OP, and i switched to shreders, on lavascopes, with pushback swords.

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Level won’t work because level has no bearing on how strong a mech is.


Level represents PLAY-TIME! =) DO NOT disregard Old players.

@El_Metre is an excellent player and one I respect but put him in a unfused epic mech and let him fight my pink bunny and I bet ill win. Level has no bearing on how strong a mech is. I mean I am lvl 75 and I have a very strong mech. World rank is a better matchmaking matrix because those people are strong to hold position.

They have alredy implemented a very good matchmaking matrix the problem is there are not enough strong mechs yet.

I beat you because of experience, and fussion, my builds dont use OP legendary only mythicals, nor mythical hp plates.
Also your pink bunny, just loves so much my Pumpkin Hamster, that it simply lets him win.
I think they are having a thing, behind our back :wink:

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Your mech is named the “Pink Bunny”? :open_mouth:


No my name in the game is Toxic but my mech looks like the energizer bunny.

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