I think I've reached the end of the "fun" part of this game

A little history:

I started again a few weeks ago having had a pretty small backlog of items for upgrade fodder from before (maybe a dozen mythicals at most and 200 items or so). After some initial irritation that none of my items worked anymore, I started to really enjoy the game again. Whereas before, being a non-paying player, I had felt completely stuck as soon as I exhausted the strong items I could get from the campaign, now I could actually upgrade many of the epic items I found to legendary and mythical.

The new upgrade and matching system worked really well after I built a new mech. After upgrading a few items to legendary, I found that I could be competitive around rank 4, and then slowly but surely move up to rank 3 and then rank 2 after grinding the campaign enough to upgrade more of my items.

There were certainly plenty of arena matches where I’d think “how the hell is this person rank 3?”, but that was overshadowed by the enjoyment of lots of close matches and the best part: beating much better mechs by exploiting a hole in the design.

After reaching the bottom of rank 1, however, the ratio of fun to sighing and quitting has changed for the worse. At least a third of the matches now are vs 2000 HP mechs with mostly mythical items. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that the hope of closing this gap without pulling out a credit card is little to none.

To be clear, I’m not complaining that people have much stronger mechs than me – I just think I’ve reached the point where the gap can’t really be closed without paying, which seems to be the same point at which the game ceases to be fun.

The main culprit is this: many of the best items don’t have epic versions; only legendary and mythical.

After exhausting all my easily accessible tokens, finishing the campaign (except Big Boy on insane) and grinding Big Boy a few hundred times, I have found 2 legendary items, neither of which are very useful. To compete with strong mechs, I need to find 3 legendary armor plates (I have 0) and a few of the strongest weapons. My rough guess is that I’d need to find about 100 more legendaries to achieve this, or 50x as many as I’ve found so far. This does not sound fun.

Anyway, a suggestion: give all items an epic version so non-paying players have a reasonable chance. Otherwise there is none.



I start grinding big boy but im end up getting same few epics. Only few can be transform to mythical. I bought some tokens but that is no use at all. Finding opponent takes lot of time too.
I just want to say if person really don’t have anything else to do in life and want to waste his life then play this game.

This difference between those who have and those who haven´t … between mythical and legendary … between “pro” and “not pro” … could be solved if there were tournaments by category. The category could be automatically defined by the tournament win percentage in previous week.

The 3, or the 5 or the top 10 of the category, would automatically also go to the next category.

In this way, a player rank 2 or 3 would never be faced with a player rank 1, and would be a fairer system, because it would give all the players the opportunity to obtain a reward.

Because we agree, it always seemed to me unfair that only the first 3 clans have weekly rewards, when their members may be the ones who least need it.

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I dont even know which item is more powerful in the game. Some time i upgrade item which is not that powerful, which i realize after i get more powerful item in same category. Such thing make this game more boring.

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@Kill4 - Yeah, it’s irritating not knowing which items to upgrade. There are quite a few pictures on this forum though.

@Wep - The solutions aren’t necessarily straightforward. Top players need players to play against; I recall Toxic was saying it’s already really hard to find matches. And dedicated players do need to be incentivized in some way – who would keep playing frequently with no rewards?

However, I think that the top players should be rewarded more by being able to max out 6 mechs rather than 1, and/or having more options to adjust their builds creatively as the meta changes (by eventually having most of the mythical items), whereas other players might just have one strong mech.

The problem is that, instead, even other competitive rank 1 players have zero chance of competing with top players. There needs to be some way to close the gap, and I think making all items have an epic version would be a good start.

As of now, I find myself in the following situation:

I could monotonously grind Big Boy for another month and I could probably upgrade several more mythicals and perhaps find a another legendary/mythical-only item that I needed. I’d still be hopeless vs top players. Another 2 or 3 months of dedicated daily grinding on Big Boy and I might be fully mythical but lack a few necessary items, and I’d still have no chance vs top players. Having epic versions of all items would solve that.

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This is a thread I did a few weeks ago that never got much interest.

If epics didn’t drop from the campaign I’d probably have quit a week ago. Still, it’s not quite enough. With a ~1% legendary drop on Big Boy, most legendary/mythical-only items are basically unavailable.

Yes. This is not a bad idea.

I was not aware that many top items have only Legendary form. Thanks for the info.

Yes, and that is why it is very disappointing to see an epic drop from your free premium box. Sure, we get two of those now, as opposed to the once 21-day guaranteed mythical… but still, can’t they at least make the 21st day box a legendary?

Yes we should get 21 day legendary reward too. If dev only consider pay user than no one will play this game Only handful of pilot’s.

It´s not fair that there are “fillers” players. Because then the one who can not buy everything becomes the puppy of the pro. That is not fair and doesn´t exist in any sport or discipline.

In any sport or competition there are tournaments by categories.

In pvp, I had all epic and i got opponent who had one mythical torso and one mythical side weapon. Now how i suppose to enjoy this game with crap matchmaking.

There are strong competitors and weak competitors in every sport or competition that has winners and losers.
You are 8th right now in the highscores. Would you be happy if you only got matched to the other top 10 or even top 20?

You would never get a match. Once you take away people that are in the same clan, then people that play different types 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 you would be matched with the same 3 people over and over and over and only if they are online. If they are not online you don’t get a match.

You could have been performing well, and so you got matched to a tougher opponent?

My experience with matchmaking is that it puts into consideration your current “ranking”. Well, that is how it works with rank 2 and below. When I hit Rank 1… that’s where the matchmaking sucks. I was rank 200 something, but I get matched with rank 5s? Well, that was a quick match… but yeah, I guess the scarcity of players in the top hierarchy of the game can be seen from how difficult it is for them to get a match.

Solution: make a lot more people strong, too. What is the point of being the strongest when fighting becomes a boring chore?

Yeah and in this case, whoever spend the most money is the strongest! Who care about old players who were strong before! If they don’t spend money now! They can all quit! This is what you are saying. The game only has people who spend money, be strongest. Lets be honest… most old and wise players saw that this game screw them over. So who would spend again? There is a clear pay wall into the “fun” part of the game. 4 years of seeing how this game operate and you can see the frustration mounting.


Well the problem is this is me vs the 40th ranked player in the world. I dont think I have ever had a match with you @ReiMuBots ReiMuBots The matchmaker only matches me with the top 200 players in the world. So Since my mech is so strong I deserve to not have any matches is what you are saying @ReiMuBots?
I also find it funny that the 9th ranked player likes your post…
The problem is there are not enough strong players in the game yet. Once people catch up the matchmaking won’t be so unbalanced.
And I hate to break it to you even before the update if you was just barely strong enough to be rank 1 you had no chance vs fully fused god modes.

See the dots under the name of the item? “transformation range” that shows you how far a item can go with transformation and the lowest it can be found. The picture I am using is a GrimReaper It can be found as a rare the blue dot and can be enhanced all the way to mystical the orange dot at the end. That is how you can tell if an items is worth investing in.

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You are completely missing the point. The problem is the game does not have active players as it did before because it’s difficult to play the game in the “fun” way without paying for boxes for EXCLUSIVE mythical items that can’t be obtained. Noone wants to play a match where they know they can’t win cause the scale of power from mythical in TOKEN ONLY BOXES and from epic transformable is different… There has to be a set division to allow people who are weaker to play competitively w/o paying large sums of hundreds of dollars.

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I get the point, the problem with that is there are only like 15 or 20 mechs in the game right now that are fully fused super powered mechs. If those people only fought each other they would never get a match. As it is now most of the top 50 have 0 chance against mechs like mine and @El_Metre and @Wepwawet and she uses a lot of epic modules but she’s very smart on her build.

And because they changed the way matchmaking works to high scores instead of rank it takes several minutes for me to get a match now because it only matches me with the top 200 or top 300 players.
So if it was just the top 20 it would never make matches…

Eventually the top 200 will catch up and push all the weak mechs down into ranks they will find more easy to compete in. But right now there are not enough strong players only time will fix it.