I think it's time to introduce ;)

Playing SM for a years. Reached 150 lvl. Active supporter of the game. Uploaded some shitty clickbait videos to YT but no longer care about it. 17 YO from Poland. Using energy mech after wasted time on physical. Currently have 23 maxed mythicals.

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Ok.I’ve played this game once it created.

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Oh, maybe you remember how old is it then?

Yeah i remember how old it was.(acctually cannot remember that much it was over like 8 years)

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Hello) I’m new here and my name is Mary. I’m from Canada. I am currently studying at the University for 4 years. Also, I already have mobs and work and started to design sites for ordering. Also, I would like to ask you to take a look at my new bingo casino review site, interested in your opinion about this. What you like and what to change. I just want to improve my technique in this sphere.

I played this game when mythical item is not exist yet

You two should make an introduce yourself topic.