I think im gonna quit soon

Yup true…i will quit on sm soon…if this thing continues…

Oh and by the way…i will stay still on forums because of you guy’s

Have a nice day.



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I will just do nothing…unleas if they un-nerf the box…
Total bs.

Please take a sec.
They are still on holiday.
Let’s see what they do and how they react when they receive this amount if hate.

Be patient for now and keep hoping.
You’re a strong one.

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Pff you have no idea how much everyone says to me…

But k…ill just be on forums

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How much of what?
Is it that important?
Is it really a reason to be down about?

Find the answer and come back to me :slight_smile:

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Pff time for the anwser’s!
Are you really exiting? Oh boi!Maybe i was…




For me? Well what do you think?
But for you?
Nah ill think you dont care…

Not just that…even can’t get sheet for 2v2…like my sec mech…just because of this…nerfed box…

Thank you very much Lake.
Now please…i have to re think what am im doing.

Man,you didn’t even answer…
I wasn’t joking or saying it just because I have to be nice and not ignore…

Those 3 questions were made specifically to make you think and search for the cause.Answering them,you’d better understand what’s going on and you’ll be most likely to find the best solution.

Once you answered them I’d also hold a monologue to make you think even more but looks like I won’t have to anymore…

I do care.
I get hotheaded from the first second but then I chill out,change perspective ans find solutions,never to get angry at the specified subject again (because I would have already found a solution).



If anything,let’s further discuss this and find a way.


sorry for off topic, but man… you like local Psychologe, who put trust in peoples

I have to.
If nobody else will do it before me,I will.
I can’t just leave someone like that when I know that I can change something.
Or not,but at least I’ll do the best of my (very limited) ability.


I was actually planning to buy 6500 tokens the next time they had a token sale, but now with this update I feel there is no point. I don’t want to play anymore with this update.

Good Luck in the real world

Good Bye My FRIEND

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Dude , really You are making the right decision, I did the same a few.months back, just destroyed my mech, fused everything into a powerkits and just didn’t log back in after that ,

Now it’s 2 months, idk why i.came back on here yesterday , I just visit once in a while . It was hard to make my decision , I’ve been playing for 5 years almost and couldn’t just waste everything I earned. But I realised if I didn’t take a decision then , I’d keep playing and ruin my future, studies and stuff.

I hope.you are able to take the right decision :slight_smile:


Lol looks like everyone agree’s with me quiting…

But fuqin hell i miss this.

When I read all these Posts now, 2 months after I quit , I don’t miss the game , I am happy that I was able to escape from this trap without wasting more time (5 years already wasted)…

I also don’t regret fusing my maxed mech into powerkits , at least now I don’t have to worry about getting addicted again…Now I don’t even feel like logging into my account again, cuz well what’s the point? I’ve got better things to.do.in real.life…