(I think) I now see the errors of our ways

You know, we’ve been going about our ideas and features the wrong way. Our expectations have been low at the start, so when we started wanting more, TS goes, “NO WHAT THE WORLDY BUG SNAPPERS YOU UNGRATEFUL RATTUSS MEEKI GO BUY YOUR OWN TRADONG MARKIT YOU MECK PLAYERS.”

Therefore, according the Newtton’s hyptoenuse of barrakism theory, we should start demanding ridiculous absurd things, then work our way down. That way, T-Soft will go, “Hey, they were demanding things like plasma globe nerfs, infinite mirror portals, and mythical giveaways, a simple little thing like (insert feature here) is nothing compared to that, let’s do it!”

Flood #supermechs:Ideas-Features with a crapload of ridiculous things, guys, then tone it down so you say what you actually want. It’ll work, I swear.

3 minutes later and I already wonder what I was on when I wrote this

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