I think i got hacked

Didn’t know what category to put this in but… I’ve been quite inactive on SuperMechs then decided to start getting back into it. I log in with the usual email and Password then it says “Welcome Stenk hole face” when my nickname used to be TheCewlDood before i became inactive. I was like, what the heck I think i just got hacked. I go to my inventory and a lot of my mythic parts are gone and my mechs are all messed up. My ranking was dropped and most of my tokens were missing. At that point i knew i was hacked but i dont know by who because I’m the only one that has a hold of my user and password. So 100 tokens and more were thrown in the trash by some kid who changed my nickname and my mythic parts are gone… I don’t know what i should do. Continue playing or give up with all of my lost parts and tokens.

First and foremost, When did you quit may I ask?

I don’t remember the month, but it has to be a couple months ago say like 5-6 months

Was this before the well known Reloaded update or have you heard nothing about it before?

I’m pretty sure it was after that update cause i remember grinding the campaign mode.

Oh well… then not much can be done although @Sarah247 may be able to help you

Try PMing her

aww. well thanks for trying anyways. Btw how do you change your password, and should i just use 100 tokens to re-change my name

I think you have to change your email from the sign in screen in Forgot Password.

And yeah, You may have to spend 100 tokens at some point