I think I broke it, Tried to do a raid with no mech

I emptied my #1 slot while in the arena, without thinking to put a mech back in #1, I went into raid and now all I get when I try to get on, all I see is the pre-battle blast-door screen. I can’t seem to do anything once it’s on that screen.

Good catch, the game actually allows you to enter Raid missions with no valid mech, and then you will be stuck in the shutter door. @Sarah247

How do I get “unstuck”?

Itrie to relaod and then switched from newgronds to supermechs.com in the hopes it would reset it, to no avail.

Only way now is to wait for @Sarah247 to get on and settle it. :slight_smile:

I was afraid of that, but hey now the issue can be dealt with and prevented for others.

like when you try to do something crazy and gives you the shot (A classic)

The same thing just happened to me, now I’m stuck as well :skull_and_crossbones::scream:

I’ve also tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my phone.

I need your User ID and we will unstuck you.



I guess this is how I will finally quit this game

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Mors Minen, but I am also no longer stuck, Thank You.

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Hi pilots,

We’ve found the problem and have uploaded a patch to the server that solves the issue for those with a frozen account, and prevents it from happening again.
If you still have the problem after reading this message, please send us your user id.