I there a heat version of the Valient Sniper?


is there a heat version of the valiant sniper?..because if there is I want it


No there isn’t, well there might be one with 0.001 % chance , someone will have to spend 10000k tokens to know, xD




Same thing with the grenade launchers, stupid if you ask me.


awwwww man

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I’ve always considered Heat Scope or whatever it’s name is (I don’t pay much attention, lul) to be the heat version of Valiant Sniper. Just with double and/or triple the damage.

Although really, they should make a heat version of valiant. Can only imagine how strong it’d be.


I mean theres heat scope , kinda looks like the valiant.



Hell the projectile is the same (just red and a bit bigger to me). But nah, definitely should be a heat version of it and a grenade launcher variant of the others.


The heat version of grenades is Abomi ation , but no pull heat grenade


Isn’t abomination the side arm version of supreme cannon/deso? (or that epic version, forgot the name of it).


They practically fill in the roles of a grenade launcher, 2-4 range with 1 knockback. :slight_smile:


I’m talking about the top weapon grenade launcher, which pulls. Although thinking about it now, knockback isn’t too bad with those since a lot of the heat weapons I use are ranged.

Still for the Heat Version of Valiant Sniper, that’d be a nice addition.


Top weapon Grenade Launcher? The closest thing we have is the Desert Snake, which works at range 4-8.


Yeah, that’s why I had to rethink the idea about a top weapon grenade launcher, makes no sense to have a pull version when your weapons are mostly ranged. (In short I agreed after thinking about it more).


Great idea , i like it



Simple answer for that.

No. VS is already the 2 use version of that. Energy doesn’t need another retardedly op weapon.


Freezing scope (it’s not a good name)
Stats: 23kg
569-741 ele dmg
313 energy dmg
155 energy cost
31 heat cost
8 range
1 use


I’m waiting for physical version of magma blast and flaming scope, (that’s will take a lot damage) :grinning:


wow, just a much of energy use, no resist. drain? Damage may up to 1000 when energy is drained :upside_down: maybe a “shocking scope”