I take back everything I said about tryhards, this is just sad

I didn’t even have an energy module equipped

Friend has annihilators that means that if you took away his energy he would not care for his anti-energy weapons xD

xD :joy:i think you are lucky

Nope, his weapons were doing max damage with almost every hit

Maybe I’m lucky to attack with critical hits or maybe it’s hacker and I activate the mode “Death or I give you 700 hits” xD

High health, almost zero energy dependence, what did you expect? Annihilators are OP.

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I checked that replay and in this picture you have a drone out but in the replay you haven’t even turned on your drone. How is this possible?

he had a double turn he turned on his drone and just attacked :slight_smile:

No. His last moves: hook and annihilation.

How can you know that your first movement was the hook if it does not appear in the image?

The moment of his screenshot in the replays:

ah then you watch the repetition

Yes… as I mentioned three posts above:

I had forgotten that you said that you reviewed the repetition to be able to know what is suspicious

With tiny mech and certain torsos, the drone is always visible

Good to know. The 1000th glitch.

That drone looks like a pet, hiding from an intruder. :slight_smile:



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Roses are red, violets are blue
Energy is cancer and so are you

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