I swear pervs like these people


53 PM

First off this is not a dating site.

Why do people even ask this. I meet one at least everyday, and im gettin tired of telling them that this is not a dating site.

They get really pissy when we say “This is not a dating site.”

24 PM
He said I am a girl just to try and annoy me. I already saw John Cena askin it (Not the real guy.) and now this dude. This is gettin annoying.


That’s a kid dude, i have seen that live on chat btw


When I entered the chat, I blocked all the people and left a couple of people…


I also did mention the dude named John Cena.


This is why I stay in top ranks chat and watch the drama there. Better than these virgins asking for chicks, as if they’ll say they’re chick to some stranger.


Well im not a top rank so rip me. Stuck at rank 8 and 7


oof… i’ve met those two in the chat room a couple of times…
i get really annoyed, like what else am i supposed to do? im stuck in rank 11-10


I in the 8-6 .-.


It’s quite easy to ignore chat and block them. You won’t need to deal with them then.


Exactly besides that there are very rare people in the game .-.


lucky (20 characters)


very funny i just blocked that weirdo i also pm him and so=aid stop then i said ■■■■ you sorry for my words but after he pissed me off


ooh Brennan you curse? savage


also we get none of this in BD, which is and isn’t good

@Excel is a grill


Yah I do I just don’t choose to on the forum a lot but when I feel like it I will


thats hardcore! teach me your ways or savagery, please!~


Okay I will pm you I can maybe teach you


They need to get back and roblox.
Because threre is too much daters in there.


This has happened multiple times to me…just block them…


This is the problem with children these days.

I won’t be surprised if I see an 11 year old girl make out with a 40 year old man.