I spent everything, and it was impossible to get the claw


yes! So it was, I spent everything and could not get anything! in these 2 days I work hard only 1 legendary useless.


That’s Supermech for you.
Of course it was impossible.




  • 40 hours tried

  • more than 220 runs on Insane and Hard ( +170 Insane +50 Hard)
    … NOT 1 (:exclamation:) Legendary / so of course also no The Claws :exclamation:



I would like to hear the opinion of team sm


Message them…
To Sarah an example.


it happened to me the same, +200 races, + 600T in refill. And I could not get any legendary element, nor the portal item 2 days of my life wasted


it is not necessary, they look at everything here


Uhm not everywhere…I think you should tag…
So that they could respond…


40 hrs? Wasn’t it 24hrs?


No :exclamation: