I review Fluxeon quotes to fill the empty space in my schedule between now and death

we’re starting with a great one. wow, breathtaking. I think I need a moment, just to take it all in, I wouldn’t want to take fluxeon in in inadequate intensity. first, can we comment please on the use of a spoiler for the first section of this fluxeon quote? here hidden as you can see in the provided screenshot is a classic play on rape humour by forum visionary fluxeon. “so they can’t scream”. see here, flux acknowledges one of the major obstacles you first encounter when abducting a rape victim is the horrible screaming and shrieking they do to try to alert third parties to the situation. what a drag. fluxeon then comedically suggests that the most appropriate action for aspiring rapists would be to remove the vocal cords so that this would no longer be an issue. insightful, know who I’m bringing to my next frat party. joking of course, as is fluxeon. flux wraps a neat little bow on the spoiler section of this quote with maniacal laughter, the maniachal connotations being created of course by this sporatic and dare I say messy capitalisation pattern which just really creates a very rapey tone in keeping with the theme of the quote. great work, topped off with some elipses at the end here. now, unsatisfied with what is already a fucking fantastic quote, fluxeon goes on here to produce an unspoiled addendum to the spoilered section discussed above. in this unspoilered half of the quote fluxeon adds “what? I’m fine”. this is in anticipation of the initial shock you would expect from his well crafted rape joke and maniacal laughter. are you fine fluxeon? are you doing okay? yes, fluxeon says. I’m doing quite alright. love it.

4/5 - quality fluxeon quote. in keeping with the thread “anime body pillow enthusiast dissapoints parents online” in which it was posted.

okay, context: this is posted in a bug report thread of a player who has unfortunately had his game frozen and is now unable to take full advantage of the brand new autopilot feauture. having already offered him valuable advice “clear your cache and cookies” in a previous post fluxeon then reads the situation and recognises the young man’s exasperation at being totally unable to spend many fun filled hours watching an autopilot do his grind work for him. fluxeon, never one to let a young man go unhappy lightens the mood by dropping the killer of a joke. see, this if taken at face value is bad advice. you wouldn’t want to place your laptop in the microwave to solve game freezes. but you can see the punch line can’t you? take a moment if you can’t, it’s subtle. the game is FROZEN so fluxeon suggests using a MICROWAVE to essentially DEFORST THE GAME! hahaha, that fluxeon cracks me up. this deserved the awarded 1 like, I can tell you that much for free. great quote, Fluxeon keep killing it with these zingers and I’ll continue to think about you when I ejaculate.

5/5 - hilarious!

LOL! here we see our good friend Fluxeon putting it to the man in one of his classic tacticsoft satire posts. see, he’s playing on the energy cap reduction in which the playerbase was told “lazy bastards dont use energy so nobody should” and everyone was very upset. fluxeon felt this upset. but did he let it get him down? hell no. did he decide to utilise his skill in light humour to make sure everyone else wasn’t feeling down? hell yes. because that’s who fluxeon is. he’s a healer. I think his children will give to charity when they have money. alright, let’s get right down to the quote’s contents then: notice the stylistic use of capitalisation and elipses in the oppener "BRAND new update… " it catches you. it catches your eyes. we know the premise of the joke, its set up great. we’re getting 10 times less gold because we don’t use it all! very witty retort to Mohadib’s reasonings for the energy cuts - great. don’t you give them any ideas now fluxeon! hahahaha. notice the stylistic grammar throughout. it’s constructed to give exactly the same tone we would expect from a Tacticsoft statement. positive language “happy” exclamation points “brand new”. spot on. take that, Tacticsoft!

5/5 - you’ve got them on the ropes, Fluxeon.


I have to say, this review is absolutely splendid. If there was a School for Talented Reviewers, I’m sure you would granted a scholarship and loved by all the professors. Why, the other students would hate you because you’re so gifted! You took in every aspect, not leaving one hidden message unnoticed. For this, I applaud you.

I rate this 10 bunny ears out of 10, man. Good work.

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more reviews, please. If you have time review all!

Quality post, 10/10 IGN.

Wait till you see what shit he sends us in our group chat in FB… :slight_smile:

Sssshhhhh Mr. Zoozy



I need more of this in my life.

Looks like you have a fan Flux haha.

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This is hilarious XDXDXD

Glad to see you haven’t changed baz :joy::joy:


zealot, mate. I might be saying this because I’m drunk and Just got majorluy rejected but I really apprecistre you man. like seripously, you dont lknow how much youve helped bring order to this fuckred up brain of mine and I reallt do lpve you. anyway, thats all I wanted to say and ypu can tale it as you may but I di love you. and I love igy and stephan. and I ,ove you all. sometimes things do get hardyou know irl and I think back on us on me and yessum on me and iggy and I do smile. ofc I do. I love you all, you’ve all saved me from suicede and I mean it; I’m gettinbg emotional now I shouyld head to bed, I’m crying a littke abd I’ll prolly delete rhois in the morning


zealot I want youy to knowyou really mean a lot to me. I want to skype you again so much but I’m always too nervous. if nothing else, I’ll always cherisdh the tim e we spent tofether as friends and I really di want you to know how much you helped and how much joy you vbrought to thisb saddo emo st9oiners life. I love you.


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