I recovered an old account and I'm way behind everybody


So I just uncovered an account that’s like 3 or something years old and even though I am the same or much higher level than other players, they are at least eight hundred more Health than me. So I’ve obviously been playing the game for a long time, is there anyway I can trade out my gear for better gear, or rather more updated gear? Because right now I’m not having any fun being beaten every battle because it pairs me up with people same level as me.


currently all your gear is useless. any new player that just started the game can probably build a mech stronger than yours in 2 days. are you able to open boxes right now? (all your old items became non-upgradeable and weaker than the weakest new items)


Hold onto some energy shields, teleport and other utility items. Fuse everything else into new items.


if you have too many items to be able to open any boxes, there really isnt anything you can do. the developers locked down old players’ accounts

i don’t think he is able to get any new items if he has more than 100 items, unless he buys more item space or uses the legacy convertor to make the old items into the power cell things, but those things take up space as well. and its not possible to choose what you want to convert into power cells. it just converts all the items of whichever class you choose. i was trying to only convert my weapons and mech bodies and legs into power cells but it did everything. so i lost all my good items like 1kg teleport and such.



Darn!!! Eudjxushcjsjdjdnrnd


I have so much cool stuff though!!! D: … And to think that I was the best of the best at one point.


You need a lot of money to be able to get even halfway back up to where you used to be. The cost to increase your inventory limit goes up with every purchase.


Crap… also, our Legacy items just old items?




Are*, my bad.26283927482


Ok…well thx… STILL A BIG FAN OF THE GAME!!! just…darn.