I really don't see the point

What the heck did this new update do? It didn’t make anything better, in my opinion.

Ok, my PvP rank might have skyrocketed to Rank 1, but still…

The campaign’s harder, and the result of PvPs can almost be determined at a glance. Heat dominates all.

Increasing the stats and damage does nothing except make it easier for people who go first to win. I mean, if someone already overheated/drained all the energy of his/her opponent within the first two turns, who would you bet your money on?

Sorry, dis just me complaining. Can there be a #SM un-reloaded ?


Literalmente es imposible, ahora que bigboy da 1 épico, cuando quiere un legendario, si ya era duro se nota están desesperados por dinero, pero la comunidad ya no es tonta para seguir gastando, aunque en lo personal creo cometen el peor error de marketing, los consumidores deberían ser la prioridad no el dinero

no habla espanol, english please.

The update was designed for new revenue source. That is it.

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