I reached it... I reached rank 6


Now I am aware I am probably going to lose it in about 5 seconds… but i’m just so excited that I finally reached it…
42 PM
Even though the other dude quit… I’m just happy I reached it.


You are almost there…

To a cancer rank.

But yeah gongrat’s.


You’ll maintain that rank. Your mech is pretty good.


I still need to work on the second mech though, Its getting me killed.


Ah yeh…
Make a heat one yeah?


I making a heat


Damage-based or mass-boiler?


K…Just ok.

(i have 0 words)




Take out a NF,max those heat and cooling stats,pack another plate and you will forever remain in rank 4.
Especially as a full-physical mech against all these smurfs on these ranks…
But yeah,welcome to the hell I’m stuck in :wink:
Let’s share some of that pain caused by all the smurfs.


Please no!
They don’t work as great as you think paired with a physical,especially a f2p build.

Either make another physical to get a little boost or an electrician for more counterability.
F2p heaters are the weakest builds atm,especially at that rank,trust me,no matter if they’re maxed or not.


For the 2v2 battles now you will want a heat an energy an a pysical, one of each type


oh what then i will try that right away


If I enter a higher rank I settle there improving all of a sudden my mech to be in that range is always what I did before and now :slight_smile:


Oh… ok. An energy mech than?


Yep,or another physical.
That’s what I recomend you,some might have another opinion.
But try to keep a balanced setup:for example,if your first mech is anti-heat,anti-physical with little energy,compensate it by making an energy build;if your first is anti-electrical and anti-heat,make you first a physical etc.
You could make 1 of every type,but I’d say it’s better to have 2 of the same type as you’d have a little advantage (but if you choose to have 2 physical mechs,make one anti-phys,anti-heat and another one anti-phys,anti-electric).


Would this be good,
2 Physicals
1 Energy,
So I can see my enemy and see what mechs I should use to defeat my enemy >:)


GG…I also just reached rank 7 :slightly_smiling_face: