I Quit. I have enough

Yes the bigest love and burning my blood when i go vs physical mechs and i love because my Frantic can hit harder than them and i dont fear anyone only energy mechs since in original i am an physical user mech and i have always love physical mechs but im know as the guy with the 2 suicide heat weapons because i hate energy mechs and i was forced to adapt to the game but im bad because i am not lucky with the resistance modules i dont have them i have only 1 maximum protector 2 energy resistance supercharge protector and 1 mighty protector so on my bad day is on 2v2 and 3v3 because i dont have protector

The reason why frantic users defend each other :


You don’t understand…
We were talking about Frantics and you defending them brainlessly and making yourself look stupid.

I didn’t ask for an ugly wall of text containing your life’s entire story.


Yes i know but im telling you after losing my main account i play only to be entertained and to have fun you forgot the main purpose of the game is to play and to have fun and for now Frantic Brute is most funny weapon to ben introduced to the game and sory for my inglish im Albanian


Yes that rank 14 player contacted me here because he joined on this chat and he tell me to tell him its secrets and wanted to know badly to improve its play and yes im generous for the physicsl lovers and lovers of frantic brute and shared my secret to him its strongest points and the weaknes of the frantic ant we dont like to share info to those who hate physical mechs thank you all bye

Oh, really? Then what’s that r14 player’s name? Kendall, don’t answer

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Stalin is gone.
Best Noisestorm Crab Rave GIFs | Gfycat


If I lag out of 1 more arena match when I’m about to win I swear… (I have amazing wifi and a Razer Blade so I know its not me at this point)

Bruh don’t get us started on frantics. They’re great if you have no skill at the game and really don’t like your life too much, that’s it. And don’t forget that they’re as close to en free as you can possibly get, and they drop at epic which is completely stupid if you ask me

Edit 1: I posted this when I read the first couple points, and holy crap you really don’t understand what’s going on here do you. Nobody here likes frantics. You can take your ideas elsewhere.

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What now TS? Already one player have quit, ya’ll gonna wait til’ your entire playerbase quits to actually start moving?

We already have quite the amount of the issues, from the “I fUK yEr enRgY wiTh aLM0sT 0 eNrgY cOsT UPC” to the “I shT oN YeR fEyS wiTh mY 700 dmG (t)rOLL Frantics”, also the war between counters? I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

But meanwhile at the office:

:Guys, our playerbase are making criticisms against our game’s flaws, many quitting rapidly too because they all feel unheard. What should we do??

For all you frantic defenders, may I politely say that screw you all? They have no place in this game, it’s a disgusting item that relies on a disgusting mechanic and it needs to be deleted from SM. Noboy gives a flying ■■■■ whether they roll for less than 100 or that monstrous 700. It ain’t no balancing factor, not even close.

Sure, gambling is already something you do by buying those filthy premium packs, but gambling should NOT exist in the battlefield. It requires absolutely NO SKILL but just pure GOOD RNG. Game is already decided when you get slapped in da face with two 700 damage (t)rolls. You’re already fcked and you gonna lose no matter what you do.

Frantics need to be removed from the game and just compensate whoever uses it with a power kit corresponding to its fusion level. End of story.

Kudos to @Unkept_Darkness, I hope every Frantic user has the same honor and bravery as you.


Bruh I laughed so hard at this :joy::joy:


If some of you still think frantic is a fair weapon, watch the replay DE6A0

That thing hits around 500 damage to me almost everytime

Oh yeah, the guy was mocking me all the time as well
Fun, isn’t it?..


You are so fucking right with that post, Lmao

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Uhm the reason i freaked out: watch replay:14BB1
(1 of the 7 other)
(If ur too lazy to watch it, that gae frantic did 2 x 700 damage