I played the boss level 71 times but didn't got the fortune box :(

Because you think 97 is a lot ?
Some pray for weeks (if not months) of hardcore farming to get one, on more than a few occurrences…

So…I highly doubt your case of “Oh-shit-I-don’t-have-a-****'s-luck-since-a-few-days” is THAT desperate… -_-

97 goes for one fortune box isn’t a lot? I normally get 2 or 3 with one tank of fuel. I wouldn’t bother if it was only once a week or month, thats not worth it. Or do you mean getting a legendary from a fortune box?

No i dont mean getting LEGENDARY from fortune box

Uhhh you can totes get fortunes from regular missions i got a stormweaver from OD6.