I played the boss level 71 times but didn't got the fortune box :(

Anyone of you got today


Yes 2v2 final boss hard mode… fortune box. You just got bad luck.

PS - this isn’t an idea or a feature so you put it in the wrong category.

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You know, fortune boxes are random…

That means, you can get them from non-boss missions, or not get one in monthes from boss missions…

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I gott lm lege dary from the Fortunebox :joy::joy::joy::joy:

No u cant get those from normal missions you can get 1 per day from bosslevels but i didn’t got today so i post this topic i thought maybe tacticsoft have removed fortune boxes by playing boss levels again nd again

Iam serious you rank 3 pro i dont like jokes in serious situations

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u can get many in one day, got today several and one legy.and u can get fortunes in side missions but boss is better

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game gonna bad, admins no answer mails and messages, our time money tokens are spending ı spended 2k token this month 0 legend, fortune box isnt drop…this is not bad lucky

its 3 or 4 today

epic one

only normal missions and some bosses drop fortune boxs, and its not 1 per day

Opoco iam vital hunter

Its true i got purifier from Fortune box today .Not joking ^^=

You can, I speak from experience…
And furthermore, you can ask anyone who farm at the Overlord’s Den 7th mission, they’ll tell you they get fortune boxes…

Also wrong, I once got 3~4 Fortune boxes during a farming session of 6~7 missions (all the same day) (And there are a lot of times, where I don’t get one…)
And you don’t get Fortune boxes ONLY from boss levels

Hell, I’d take your luck any day of my life…
Considering that I can farm one or two whole months easy, without getting a fortune box, it would be a fortune box rain…


Yes,you can,but the chances are at least astronomical.
I got a single one once from OD6.First and last time in my multi-year career as a pilot.

That’s incorrect.The change of getting one is random.You can get one,you can get ten or you can get none.It’s called RNG.

I usually get around 3-4 a day if I farm all my fuel twice,in the morning and in the evening.Although I get really,really bad drops from them.

Dude,you nees to chill.

If I get no Magma Blasts does that mean that the devs have removed them from the game?

It’s just one day.You can assume the devs have removed this feature after at least two weeks of hardcore farming with no Fortunr Box drops,and probably not even then.

Lol,after just a day of not dropping one you panic that they don’t exist anymore :laughing:


cough cough
i got my harambe torso from the fortune box in OD6 1v1

Yea, other day 6 legendarys from bogboy 2v2, around 15 fortune boxes

Hey i was suffering badly but i didn’t got a fortune box from 3 days :thinking:

I got this sheet from big boy in 1vs1 hard mode today…
So. You guys will see me in the future whit it, and the Iron boots on my energy mech from now… (ofc need to make fasterer some myth food and later max it)

Look I have nice bit of fuel but I wont play bcuz iam tired. Playing the campaign 97 times nd still no fortune box

Now i think they don’t exist in my game anymore i also didn’t got fortune box todayfrom the normal portal i always get the fortune box when i play weapon portal in normal :frowning_face: