I Never thought that supermechs would become my hobby


So i will tell you my story how i got into supermechs: (i am a beta player that roams since legacy versions)
I was 9 old at that time. i got bored of the kindergarten games and decided to try out something new.
i Was searching in the WEB for robot games, and i see supermechs there. i decide to try supermechs , and it came out that this was the best robot game. so i continue playin for days, weeks,months years and i become a rank 5 player. So i was playing when the reloaded came out, starting the progress from the beginning, having fun, enjoying the game a lot.
And here i am, strong and good, with 6 mythicals.
@tacticsoft thanks for making this awesome game.
it IS the best game ever no matter the bugs or glitches


My face when I read this.


Don’t Ya’ dare to distract me you
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why? i can read mini-text


Yes, but use “—” only under the text :exclamation:


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