I need tokens pls send to my ID


here is my id 30985168 ( i am not a beggar)


Lets not beg for tokens on the forum :slight_smile:

Feel free to earn them free in game or purchase them if you want to.


I am not begging i just need tokens and I can’t earn tokens


Then purchase some :slight_smile:

Theres also a way to receive a few from watching adverts i believe?


I cannot because I don’t have credit card


Can you still send tokens in this version?
if so, those who have copilot could be stolen


Currently no way to send tokens through Supermechs.


what about battledawn


Battledawn you can send paid reds to others… however be careful, accounts can be lost in the ether…


(i am not begging)


I want tokens as well. Not begging either


tokens is money only


I need a Ferrari novitec rosso


I need a 3rd swimmingpool :exclamation:



You are begging stop denying it.
You can’t just get “free stuff”


take my dad’s on rent
but its not novitec rosso its la farrari


What happens to this?