I need tips for physical mech


I have these torsos and weapons, also have a top grenade launcher.
I want to build a second mech


Wich torso is better?



Just upgrade leg to lvl 1 legendary till you dont find devouring paw leg. Remove 1 nightfall , module u need - 1 blue booster, 2 blue engine, 1 red booster, 1 red engine, 2 hp plates, 1 multi resist, use resources better way by upgrading as per color type.


Use avenger torso I’d say, since you don’t have platinum plates…

Also epic - myth heat engine is better than your current ones


Which torso is better brutality,windigo or avenger?





Just use what you have if you wait for item to arrive you will get more frustrating n quit.


Thanks for the tips
I have an electrical mech and I want to make a physical mech


If you want to beat electric n heat mechs with rico build you can go head to head at lvl 2-5.