I need tips for my heat mech

my opinion : It’s very good,just max everything

You should probably use a heat torso, maybe brutality or Heat version of interceptor. And also try to farm for epic heat engines and boosters

What’s the fastest way to farm epic items?

All low lvl players like me play only ramboy.

Here’s a tip: Don’t use a heat mech if you don’t want to get quit on in PvP.

Wait, you really want to use that? Fine then, just max everything, you’re going to be unstoppable.

Idk I keep quitting when I see an energy mech and I always get bashed by other ridiculous heat mechs. It’s easy to fight physical I guess

Same, except instead of:


I keep quitting when I see a heat mech and I always get bashed by other ridiculous energy mechs.

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You have 1 blue booster 1 blue engine 1 blue unit just max to legendary atleast n energy mech will go puff

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I got all my heat and energy boosters and engines in unicorn mission, I have like 5-6 of each from that event. But without any other events it’s going to be tough getting them, still bigboy and ramboy missions are your best shot

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I was absent during unicorn mission it would be good if they give notification to mobile before any new spl events. sm app give notification some time of free 10k gold, it would be better if they do same thing for other events.

Yeah I was lucky to be on during that event, but missed the 2 other events because of school, you never know when these are released, I just look in the forum’s for any new posts about new missions

Looks pretty good. You have a huge advantage from finding the flamethrower.

Like others have said, you mainly just need to upgrade everything.

Eventually you’ll need either dual flamethrowers or some of the other premium short-range weapons?

You need more energy. And replace last words with the abbomination or redocking if you have them. Then you could need a better torso like brutality, grim reaper or naga too.