I Need Suggestions


Hey guys!

Can I ask a question to All SM players?
Whats Stronger Malice Beam Or Ultrabright
and what do you suggest it with.
And thanks to you all :innocent:
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


Malice beam hurts us heat mechs

That’s pretty good at max rare :joy:


It depends on what your goal is. Malice is good if you want to target heaters though.


malice is good for draining and ultrabright for doing damage


Malice beam. It is a very strong weapon.


Malice works better against energy depdendant heat builds, and other energy builds.
Ultrabright works better against phis builds and dmg oriented heat builds.
2 Ultrabrights sinergy well with a Spark, pack alot of res drain, paired with drain dmg they start to really hurt after turn 2,3.