I need some info for a future thread. Can someone get it

The info I need is for a future thread. I’m lazy to do it. Someone probably already has it.

The info I need is

The number of items in the game:
The Number of:

  • L-M items
  • E-M items
  • R-M items
  • C-M items
  • E-L items
  • R-L items
  • C-L items
  • E-E items
  • R-E items
  • C-C items
  • R-R items
  • C-R items
  • C-C items

1 C-C, 6 C-M, too many useless or OP L-Ms,

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I think there are more C-C items. I think there is 3.

Hmm, nope, just Rocket Launcher, I’m pretty sure.

Isn’t there 3 type or 2 types???

just phys. Royal is C-R, and there’s no energy counterpart.

No R-R E-E or L-L, (M-M is Sabertooth but does that really count as a separate item?) there’s only one item that can’t transform and its the rocket launcher.

No… Because you can’t really get Sabertooth in Boxes

I was wrong on the royal launch.

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Ima get my C-E R-E and E-E counts if I can.

There are absolutely no E-E

0 then
thx 4 info

ima continue counting then

btw L-L is dual tele so that counts as 1 @JamAnime12

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Dual Teleporter is an L-M.

dual tele

By I mean double teleporter.
It’s L-L

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SORT of. in a vague sense I guess.


Sometimes people count that as L-M because you can use it in top ranks but I say it’s L-L

I say it’s useless unless you’re a claw build.

Buddy we’re doing the counting of items not about that item.

so anyway, L-L: 1


1 = C-C
6 = C-M
1 = L-L

Does power kits and tranform relics count btw?