I need some help with getting back into this game

So after about 4 or 5 years i today logged back into my account. I’m level 30 and all my items are legacy items. when i got into an online match i noticed that my mech was really bad compared to my opponent’s mech. I have no idea what to do now as im scared to loose my rank (crossed swords with 3 stars below) i dont know if this is a good rank but i think i was quite good back in the day. so i need help on what to do with my legacy items. i got a few lootboxes and some gems. i have 74K coins and 300 gems in my account. what should i do?


Dont turn your legacy items into power kits, some of them are useful, not to mention nostalgic value


How do you have all your items?!?!!? All of mine’s got deleted :frowning:

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You need 1000$ dollars.


Idk… it’s taken me a year and a half to get to arena rank 10.

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After 4 years you can log so easy…??

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You need to start from the beginning(rebuild ur mech)

Yeah, I suppose so. I noticed that there are only lootboxes now in the shop. Back in the day you used to be able to just buy the parts you wanted from the shop.

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first of all, you should keep all the double use items, hooks, charges, teleporters
also you should keep the shields, if you have them
they are missing from this version of the game, and they can be useful if you make your build that way…
and like it was said, you have to start to build your mechs from the start…again…

also…you should decide what you want to build…heat or electric or physical
or…all of them…
there are a couple nice players around they can help you with that
for heat you should ask advise from @El_Metre
there are also @lordgorgon, @WinzKay, @bestplayerintheworld and @Wepwawet just to name a few…
they are really nice people and helpfull


(It still seems strange to me that you have been able to login to your account after 4 years. Here there were people who spent 1 year without entering the game and when they tried, they couldn´t do it without help of admins.)

In any case, first things first. Now we have an inventory limit, so the first thing you should check is that your inventory limit doesn´t exceed what is allowed, because if you have thousands of items, you will not be able to do anything, you can practically not move.

I have 3 years on the game, therefore I don´t know exactly what items were 4 or 5 years ago. Shields, sure. But the accessories with dual use, I think not.

There were no lavas, no heat axe (which are very useful to start a grind on campaign) …

Yeah, dual charge, dual hook, dual tp were a thing.
I know of one peep still using those and beats my arse despise being on claw…

Consume energy and that makes them limited … when the reload came, devs given it only 1 use (except for the teleport), but the energy need to hook and charge was removed.

congratulations, you decided to play in the worst time of supermechs as of right now!