I need some assistance on my mech and i have 0 idea on what i'm doing


Update:Removed Sorrow->Light,Added teleporter mark
Anything to change here or nah?


:joy::ok_hand: very basic build really good for rank 20-15 (btw if you not have abomination you can use epic one)

:joy::ok_hand: if you have a lot of money use this :joy::ok_hand:


Looks pretty solid to me


Maybe a heatpoint instead of nemo, and some kind of range 1 weapon


Doable without premium items:

As heat doesn’t has any 2-range non-premium pushing weapon, you gotta use one of the greenade launchers, preferably the electric one (Last Works). A single electric weapon with decent drain is enought to breakdown an un-told physical mech which doesn’t uses electric modules.


For your accidental mech, that’s pretty good tbh