I need some advice about the new Heat/Energy needed on mechs

i comeback to the game 1 month ago
and i wonder how much heat/energy need a mech on rank 1 to be ehem responsive
im planning 3 builds but i need to know this to see wich modules use and spend time and items to upgrade/evolve
actually im on rank 4-6 so im on the way to go up and at time to make some changes
Hope to see what do u think

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Put a picture of your mech here. It depends on your build.

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is there a general minimum for rank 1 builds?

Though, I agree with what flux said. It depends on your build.

to have a very stable mech in range one would be between 300 of energy and 400 of heat so the energy attacks are supported and those of heat try to support them because of their great heat damage


but if you are between 7 to 8 as I go up to 8 to 7 very often it is better to have a legendary cooling module mine arrive mythic if you have one of those I recommend uploading it to legendary and a heat generator module and the same with the enrgia so you will be more difficult to win and for more protection use a shield of life and a physical protector, enrgia. and heat to be 10 times more difficult to kill I hope you serve my opinion

Basically thats what im wondering

Thx thats almost what i have potentially

ehem im still getting the items i need 8 to show em with the strategie as i want
basically im wondering how much energy drain mechs on rank 1 to make an energy dependant physical and half dependad heat that works without so much variation
for my energy mech im pretty sure it would be enought if i got a heat storage unit and other energy engine i have potentially more than 200 regen and cooling when evolve items im using
so should i put the list?

There are 2 options: Build a mech with 500 heat cap and around 150 cooling, 300-350 energy cap with 250-350 regen or 300 heat cap with 250 cooling, 450 energy cap with around 100 regen. But it actually depends on what you build.

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250-350 regen? Watfakmeng

Not even energy mechs have something as ridiculous as that. :slight_smile:


naga + energy engine+ 2energy mass booster
2 heat engines+legacy heat cooling booster 3
isnt the full strategy but its what i actually have

i guess im gonna take the 500 heat cap with 200 cooling and 500 energy cap with more than 200 regen that also give me space x 2 hp modules teeeheeeheee
obviously this would be at mythical maxed im just making numbers with the final stats

to be honest i know that windigo brutality and grim reaper r the best options on torsos
but i just dont like too much to use the same that everybody uses, and also i like my mechs looks cool and be functional i just need to find wich modules build r better for my “style” (im ok with 1500 hp, not interested on be top player just have fun heehee)

My plans r using those builds(i actually have 14/22 items and some modules):

Naga + dynamic stompers + bunker shell + last words + mortal bullet + 1-2 Valiant sniper + Anguish/face shocker
I know it would need at least 1 hp module, some energy and decent heat

Avenger + Iron boots + Seraph blade + 2 nightfalls + Night eagle + void
i know it would need a lot of heat and energy to be functional

Nightmare + devouring paws + terror blade + sorrow + abomination + supreme cannon + nemo
i know it defenitely needs hp, some heat and at least a decent energy cap and regen

cough* you remember urbuthegodfather’s energy mech? it has around 500 energy cap and 300 regen…

No it doesn’t… no good energy mech has 300 regen…


Should i improve this mech or what ? I dont know much which item is good for top league matches.

You got that bunker shell tough ._.

Yes i have that but without modules i cant go ahead. I’m Not sure about other side items.

ive seen a lot of energy mechs uses last words
i use it too with bunker shell, u can decrease the regen of ur enemy, i dont remember how much but i think is 14 per shot on mythical
Malice beam could be pretty useful if u dont have anything better i preffer mortal bullet just by design but malice beam is the same with 1 tile range away
lightning supporters are pretty good on hp and energy drain they help u to do breaks faster against double anihilation
and grim reaper its perfect if u got the right heat modules and hp plates

its posible if u left hp at a side
i can build a 546 energy cap 291 regen mech with 500 heat cap too but it would be poor at hp on 1200-1400 per much with torso and legs maxed
but thats why i made this post i mean i know how to build my strategies without hp
but ive see a lot of heavy damaging weapons so im trying to figure out how much is really needed on heat/energy to calculate hp plates (no i just have epic iron plates by now