I need help with my heat mech


so i need help… do you guys think this is a good heat mech?
SuperMechs- Idea of main mech

this is the top heat weapons (and unequipped too, i dont have any extra side heat weapons tho)
SuperMechs- Main mech idea top weaponry

and my module set up (with other module items)
SuperMechs- Main mech idea module set up


Excellent base. Refer to “rocket king” here for more insights:


ok, thanks m8!


Go thanks rice (the dude who made the thread), not me. :slight_smile:


oof, i saw it and this is like the only build i can do with the items i have… guess im going Rocket King!


Im very well ranked, and this is more or less the only build i have real difficulties with. Go for it, thats a killer.


well thanks, i’ll start making my items good for it


That’s a pretty solid mech right there. I’d say weapons setup is perfect; As far as modules, I’d replace that energy storage unit with the energy engine you have. You could replace the mass cooling booster with a mass energy booster if you wanted to, but that’s an optional thing.


ok, thanks! (i fixed it a little, i changed the engine but im keeping the cooling (i have no epic regen booster)
and i based the build on the link that’s in the comments