I need help with items

So, im gonna put my inventory that is made up of a bunch of crap that got nerfed with the last update. Do i have anything good or do i have to buy more chests to get something decent?

I screwed up big time. I used the legacy convertor to get rid of all my non-myth items and now i dont have any items to lvl up a epic item i decided to max because it looks cute.

Ok actually idk if that was a mistake or not. Was it?

Legacy items can’t even be used for transformations. :confused:

Or at least that’s how they intended it.

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So, what i did wasn’t wrong?

I dont even know what is legecy item some fancy word.

Inventory limit start in


lol what!? Its 7 days xD

Well, getting rid of all non-myth items also means getting rid of the actual good legacy items, such as 1 kg teleports, shields, and push weapons.

Soo… you decide for yourself. :confused:

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Add firewall, myth teleport, myth hooks( heat ones work so well with new flames), phis drones(26kg only…but they shoot even when drained),etc etc.

Well, i got rid of it all already. RIP

Are legacy items gettable?

I’m surprised their still allowing legacy items to be used. Some of them are quite good and can’t be gotten now.

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When the toilet is flushed… it all goes down… gone forever… :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that there’s no flushing sound.

I got rid of those 1kg teleports and shields without thinking… I just went click, click, fuse! :expressionless:

7 years? I thought it was 7 weeks a long time ago

no legacy is not possible to get right now old items are from old update.

Yes definitely 7 years, that sounds about right for their “coming soon” announcements.


I completely agree! It should be 7 years. :slight_smile: