I need help with a heat mech


any heat gud builds with abomination and/or sorrow?


abomination supreme canon and desolation works fine


Crimson Rapture sorrow Cl Savagery
Or abomination terrorblade supreme cannon crimson rapture.


Just dont do supreme cannon desolation abomination because half of all high level heat mechs have exactly that build and we dont need any more.


Abomination, CL, deso, sorrow (optionally)


sorrow is one of the most underrated weapons in the game right now. no energy use, no use limit and a decent heat damage stat. reffer to @bestplayerintheworld’s heat build for an example of it being used effectively.

personally I don’t use heat mechs so I’m probably not the best person to give advice on this but michelle’s mech shown here is the sort of thing you might want to go for.


Yea, except replace magma blast with abomination since you probably dont have magma blast @Taco_Gamer


And You can put a savgery on instead of vandal rage if you dont have one.


idk about sorrow, but with abomination i’d recommend supreme canon and desolation… maybe a reckoning too