I need help picking!


I am a heat mech, and I just got an epic dawnblaze, but I also have a legendary iron frenzy and a lv. 40 legendary savagery. What should I upgrade 1st?

Current mech

If anyone would like to know, those are legacy lava sprays, not the new flame throwers.


I have always liked the Savagery more.


Is your Torso maxed :question:

If not, always Torso first :exclamation:



Build the mech you like, then upgrade it’s parts, i reccomend.

i was about asking exactly this question. Lel


Mostly I want to know why you aren’t using clash


Yes, it is a lv. 40 legendary atm. I dont have enough legendaries for it to be myth yet though.


Is it really that good? My mech is built more as a stall from overheat than damage.

However, I will accept your criticism and try it out.


I was asking because I wasn’t sure which was better I’ve heard both. If you are going more for stall then nemo might be better