I need help deciding on my mech


ok so my mech is over weight by this much
the 2 changes are the left top weapon and the right shotgun
what should I do to make it weigh less?


First thing I see is your Cooling, 63. That is not good. 130 cooling is the best to survive in top ranks. Two shot guns is a negative. Only pick one. Get hitpoints up more. If you use 1 shotgun, you won’t need that many bullets. Maybe 60 at most. Assuming that shotgun is Magma Piercing, than only 30 bullets. Can’t think of anything else. post more pics to see what you have on mech of each section of build


This Mech won’t be strong enough for Lower Rank 1


ok thanks ill post more later


The third yellow weapon from the left looks cute. What’s that, please?



Le tips!

  • Minimum Heat Cooling Required to be rank 1 Full-Star = 120
  • Get Rid Of Resistance Drainers.
  • Get Rid Of Grenade Launchers, Use Saurus Rifle.

Upgrading Order:
Torso (+HP comes at first place.)
Drone (Shots Every Turn, So It’s More Effective Than Upgrading An Weapon.)
Weapons & Legs (Mind Like This: Legs Are Melee Weapons!)


ok thanks! but what is a saurus rifle I cant remember what it is




oh I don’t have any of those


So keep grenade launcher :slight_smile:


Get rid of the resistance drainer and possibly one of the shotguns. Add health and cooling


if managed to change up my mech a bit, its rank 3 atm
am I able to improve it?