I need Earth Arena Tips


Victory , the chaos , people making fake chats to manipulate others, the time u spend talking with others as if u are a worldwar commander “defend africa dont let the red flags enter there” “nuke their armies in europe” “Ask allies in Australia to invade antarctica” , its so much fun :smiley:


If ONLY I had more time I had on my hands.


This game is not about having more time to play it , instead its about being available all the time to play it cause mostly u will be only need once in an hour for 10 minutes but u dont know which hour.


I have school 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM so I could get beaten up in these 6 hours.


u can try 3 tickers then , just pull back your army a long eta when u will be in school and play for rest of time.


Will TS make BD support HTML5? If so, it’s time for some fun! :smiley:


idk how they will survive post flash but yeah they have plans , maybe a browser app like supermechs or they will go steam or something