I need Earth Arena Tips


And also, what are warp gates?


i only play BD but im assuming they are like gates in bd, ie you can move units from a gate to another gate instantaneously


I also heard that if you get conquered, you can do a rebellion, what does that mean?


why dont u ask on eartharena , it has all these big global chats and then diffrent chats for teams and continent diplomecy , u will get much better help there.


They look pretty hostile…
Does EA have eras?


ofc they look hostile , cause they more or less BD players. u need to have some amount of brain damage to play a game 24x7 for a month or more.

and they only have 1 server , so yeah a month long era .


How does the era end?
(I kind of wish the era is permanent.)


the team with most crystals + score from killing enemy troops. Army doesnt count as score there.


Dang so everything is reset after.


yep everything resets, diplomecy is much harder as some point cause everyone can easily play it from mobile so they try to target whoever the rank1 is.


Even our base’s progress?!


I should try BD again


yes ofc otherwise it would be unfair to anyone to plants after a long time or newer players. the only advantage u have for planting a second time is that they let you choose the spot instead of giving u something randomly.


Hello darkness my old friend…


we are talking about eartharena , its on playstore


Earth Arena is a different game?


yes , Eartharena is an android game , while Battledawn (BD) is more of a browser based flash game.


…Like how do you guys find fun in something that will get eventually wiped away?


So then why is this topic here… kinda Sent me wrong message


Oh, I was asking for tips in EA.