I need dem tokens


tips to get tokens easily (apart daily missions)


its the only way to win token sorry oh no ! you can win token with money :smiley:


You can watch ads on mobile app, they give 2T each


Android it gives you 8 tokens for each time. I opened it in morning, afternoon and evening and got 24 a day. Everything serve.


Sonic is very blocked (a pity they have done this). But you can try with the offers of personnel and, I´ve obtained something with personaly these days.


I think you can do it a bit more often :slight_smile:


I guess so. I tried 3 times a day …


The pain is that ads are being saved on your device and use some memory… I found file where they are saved and I regularly clean it, so it doesnt junk my phone


in what file are they saved? I usually clean “storage” …


go thought the campaign and get 3 stars on everything you cam


I just completed 2 surveys on Persona.ly. One was for 46 toks, the other for 190+. I bagged over 230 toks in about 40 minutes. But going thru these surveys is really a pain in the butt…