I need advice on what I should Myth

What should I myth, Bulldog, Ultrabright, or Bunker shell?

I’d go for bunker shell, high drain, high damage, definitely worth mything first

definitely. The only thing to question is the resist drain. Other than that, go for it

Difficult choice given he has a bulldog, but BS first then I personally recommend mything bulldog next.

My upgrading order:

  1. Modules (If you need to change mech, you still can use the modules)
  2. Torso (Main Stats)
  3. Legs (HP)
  4. Drone (Deals damage every turn)
  5. Weapons (First upgrade the weapons you use more)

Go for bunker, it is a good shock wepon.
Then go for buldog.
The combo of buldog and bunker is really devasteting, and sets up the target for ultrabright.
Try and get a fsce shocker myth, it will really pack a nice punch to that combo.

Just saying, I have already mythed a bunch of weapons and am planning to remove some. Which ones should I take out?

Hysteria-lvl 42 myth

Malice Beam-lvl 39 myth

Valiant Sniper-lvl 15 myth

Last words-lvl 19 myth

Most of these I made rather recently, and made a couple mistakes (Hysteria). I don’t want to repeat the unbalanced disaster that followed.

Really? mine’s:

  1. Torso
  2. Legs
  3. Weapons
  4. Drone
  5. Modules
  6. The rest